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7 Tips to Nail Your Outbound Email Deliverability


Email servers are getting stricter on cold campaigns — trying hard to relegate automated emails to your audience’s spam folder.

That’s why nailing your email deliverability is the first step to successful outbound, and we’ve pulled together 7 tips to show you how.

1. Clean your list

Sounds simple, but keeping a clean list is where most outbound marketers miss the mark.

Keep your email list in shape by updating client info and removing any dead weight. And remember, not all “verified” emails are legit.

Use tools like Millionverifier or NeverBounce to clean your contact info—lowering your bounce rate and boosting deliverability.

2. Configure your domain

Fail to take care of your domain, and you risk getting blacklisted.

Ideally, you should send cold emails from a subdomain (or a separate domain altogether). The older your domain, the better, especially when it passes the 6-month mark.

  1. Properly configure & authenticate your domain
  2. Use email authentication tech like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF
  3. Run your emails through tools like
  1. Your clients & email servers know you’re legit
  2. You build trust w/ your clients & email servers
  3. You can successfully send & deliver a high volume of emails per day
Pro Tip: keep a backup subdomain in case your current active domain runs into any issues. Trust me, it can happen.

3. Write like a human

Illustration: James Yang, the Wall Street journal

This is key for two reasons: getting your emails delivered and getting them read.

Cut the corporate jargon and write like you talk—and avoid these spam words along the way. Keep your emails concise, share relatable pain points and then show how your product/service solves your prospects' problems.

Want to see a few live campaigns in action?

4. Use email deliverability tools

Give yourself an easy head start by using tools that check for deliverability issues, like whether your email is flagged by spam blacklist databases.

Email Deliverability Tools

You can also improve your sender score by emailing others in a controlled network, who then positively reply to your messages.

Pro Tip: do this to quickly & effectively warm up a new domain or subdomain.

5. A/B test, test, test

Illustration: Jane Song, Mailchimp

Never underestimate the power of regular A/B testing.

Everyone knows they should A/B test their outbound emails, but so few actually do it.

At Modern Outbound, we go hard, testing everything from subject lines, to message tone, copy length, CTA (and even the size of our line breaks). It’s the only way to truly know what works—and what doesn’t.

The closer your emails mimic real human behavior, the harder it is for servers to detect automation.

6. Optimize for mobile

49% of emails are opened on mobiles and tablets. That's a number no outbound marketer can afford to miss. Not only does mobile optimization provide a seamless reading experience, it also builds client trust by making you look more reputable.

7. Play into your audience’s behavior

Not all content works for all audiences, so break your lists up based on your contacts’ behavior—and where they are in your sales funnel.

For example, people who open your emails often probably know and trust you, so they may be more receptive to longer forms of content. Those who rarely open your emails might need shorter, snappier content to draw them in.


Outbound campaigns are still insanely effective, especially for B2B SaaS co’s looking to drive growth. Of course, deliverability gets trickier as email servers up their efforts to detect automated emails—but play it smart, follow our 7 simple tips, and you’ll be rewarded with killer outbound campaigns.


7 Tips to Nail Your Outbound Email Deliverability


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