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8 Tips for Writing Outbound Copy that Converts


Sales copy is at the heart of any outbound strategy. But, if you can’t write engaging copy, you won’t get the desired engagement. 

Fortunately, we’re on hand to help with 8 sales copy rules for writing killer outbound campaigns:

1. Keep it concise: most people read emails on their phone, so write short + skimmable copy. Limit your steps to a few quick sentences, leaving plenty of white space to make your message easy to read on the fly.

2. Write like you talk: conversational copy is easier to digest, makes you sound human, and gives you the freedom to speak in your prospect’s language. Don’t be afraid of shorthand or the odd emoji :) 

3.  Isolate pain points and value props: keep your sequences tight by focusing on one pain point and one value prop, per step. This makes your message easy to digest—and helps you figure out what’s resonating (and what isn’t).

4.  A/B test everything: subject lines, sign offs, and everything in-between (literally). Play around with your intros, pain points, tone of voice, structure, sentence length—the list goes on. Testing messaging on different audiences requires discipline - but it’s worth it.

5Relevance at scale: I call this “prospect batching” -  grouping prospects together with common pain points makes you way more compelling. Talk about trends/issues specific to their industry and role. What do they go home at night complaining about? How can your solution boost their reputation at their job? Focus on what motivates them.

6. Use links sparingly: throwing in too many links early on can look spammy, and also takes your reader away from your message - reducing your chances of a reply. If you do want to link to something (e.g. a relevant blog post, demo, or sales page) - do it in a later step.

7. Limit your sequence steps: nobody wants to read a 20 step sequence. Instead, do 5-7 steps and then retarget 6-8 weeks later (post the last step) with new angles.

8. Edit. Then edit again: as Hemingway famously said, “The first draft of anything is shit”. Don’t be scared of the blank page. Just start writing your first drafts and once you’ve finished, remove the fluff.. All you’ll be left with is the good stuff. 

Sales copy is different to a transitional marketing email - it’s built for engagement, not clicks. Be relevant. Be interesting. 

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